I am a novelist, represented by Serendipity Literary Agency.

Current Project – Kawaii Underground

Ever wonder what it’s like to experience a faster-than-light rise to internet fame?

When her mother dies from cancer, Anna Allen leans on her Japanese heritage to create a viral YouTube video chronicling her trip to Tokyo. In the blink of an eye, her subscriber list skyrockets, comments flood her feed, and companies start brokering lucrative sponsorships.

But just because life seems rosy through the computer screen doesn’t mean things are as easy as they appear. Between creating buzzworthy content to keep her fans coming back, filling out college applications, and navigating a rocky relationship with her Irish father, Anna struggles to balance her blossoming career with her biracial heritage.

After an invitation to attend San Diego Comic Con as a guest speaker, Anna moves to LA to pursue her dreams of fulltime internet stardom. There, she gets swept up in the seductive LA alternative scene and her authenticity begins to slip. It isn’t long before she’s cozying up to makeup tutorial guru Emma Amethyst and a band of social media mavens who live life in the fast-lanes of the LA freeways.

In the end, Anna learns the hard way that social media stardom can be just as transient as a SnapChat message. When she discovers, one hung-over morning, that her social media accounts have been hacked, corrupted with pornographic content, Anna realizes just how far she has come—from her heritage, her real friends, and her true self.