Gaming App UI

For this project, I was tasked with designing a vintage-inspired baseball app. The process started on paper, drawing low-fidelity wire-frames based on the verbal requirements from the developer. From there, I moved my sketches into Sketch, where I began iterating with composition, color and typography.
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Are Siberian Cats Hypoallergenic?

Are Siberian cats Hypoallergenic? If you suffer from allergies, you may have heard about the mythical Siberian cat breed. These cats are often touted as being good for people with allergies. But if you’ve ever seen a Siberian cat, the first thing you’ll notice is her long fur coat. This might make you wonder: Are Siberian cats hypoallergenic after all? The Truth About Siberian Cats Before we talk about Siberians, we must first understand the cause of cat allergies. First, cat allergies are not caused by cat hair. Instead, people who are allergic to cats are allergic to a protein called Fel-D1, which is produced in their saliva. When a cat grooms herself by licking her coat, she spreads Fel-D1 all over her body. Siberian cats are considered hypoallergenic because they produce less of the Fel-D1 protein than other cat breeds. But remember, hypoallergenic does not mean nonallergenic; it just means less allergenic than other cats breeds. Should you get a Siberian Cat? If you have cat allergies, a Siberian might be a great option for you. Unfortunately, people with very severe cat allergies may still find that they have reactions to Siberians. My husband has “very high” sensitivity to […]
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HelpOne | App Design

This app was inspired by the theme #1, from the Philadelphia Adobe Creative Jam. (App idea goes to my husband, Michael Kofman.) Unfortunately, during the competition, I discovered that I do not perform well under stress, so I decided to redesign the app over the course of a few days. We began with wireframe sketches to map out the user journey before moving into Adobe XD to create a higher-fidelity prototype. Assets were created using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop.
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