Motivote App Design


I was approached by Jess at Motivote to help prepare some screens for their gamified voting app. I loved the idea and immediately hopped on a call with Jess to determine the scope of the initial project. There wasn’t a clear user journey defined, nor were there wire-frames, so I began on paper, sketching out both.

Once we had determined what the overall user journey would look like, we prioritized the screens we wanted to design, which are pictured here.

The team did have an idea of the visual style: they knew their brand needed to be fun and happy, so they requested the use of warm colors. I selected blue as a complementary call-to-action color because I wanted something that would have eye-catching contrast.

From here, I began mocking up the screens in Sketch, creating a symbol and style library for future use. I rounded out the project by importing the native files into Adobe XD, where I created an interactive prototype for the team to use during investor presentations.

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