In-House Design Work for IT Training Company

All work shown here was completed while working as an in-house designer for a global IT training company. My work spanned print and web, although a large portion of my projects were UX-related and involved optimizing pages for conversion.

  • Homepage Redesign: After running some analytics, we found that users were not scrolling beyond “the fold” to see our promotion content blocks that were lower down the page. To remedy this, we added links in our redesigned, on-brand header that linked farther down the page.
  • Postcard Design: These postcards were designed for a technology conference to encourage attendees to register for a trial version of a new program.
  • Business Cards: I regularly created business cards for employees, adjusting for proper bleeds and color settings.
  • Brochure Design: This brochure was created specifically for our India team to help prepare for a local conference.

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